Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

One year ago

One year ago today I'd finished my usual lunchtime routine (salvaging the stamps from the mailroom recycling bin at work) and had just started walking down to reception, I forget what to do (possibly to buy a roll of the Lions Club's fund-raising mints from reception). There was a bit of a shake, and a bit of a wobble, and I asked the first person I saw (one of the business systems techies) whether they thought there'd been another earthquake. He didn't know.

When I got back to my desk there were emails doing the rounds of the building about how the internet and external emails were out due to yet another major earthquake in Christchurch (one of thousands - probably well into five figures now - that there had been since the first modern Christchurch earthquake in September 2010). (The work internet is with Telecom. My home internet is from Snap, which actually is based in Christchurch, and which sailed through all the excitement without any noticeable outages. Go figure.)

Since then all the strife that's gone on in Christchurch has been reasonably public, and I don't really want to go over it all again (seeing the town you were born in get fairly much flattened does something to you, even if it's somewhere you haven't lived for over 40 years). But in the spirit of actually doing something to remember it (unlike work, which didn't even take any notice of my suggestion that they take the stock of road cones that normally sit outside in the parking spaces while there's a meeting on, stick flowers in them and have them around the reception area - as per a meme that's been going around Facebook suggesting people do that for some sort of solidarity with Christchurch) I'm at least trying to find something to say.

There's a whole bunch of Christchurch-themed films, shorts, exceprts and music videos here. But there's inevitably much that's been missed out. This video is from the Shallows, one particular combination of the loose collection of Christchurch musicians that also make up 25 Cents, the Pin Group, Scorched Earth Policy, the Terminals and many others.

Tags: shaky isles
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