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New Zealand Music Month - Day 5

The Netherworld Dancing Toys were almost a household name in New Zealand in their day, having had a massive hit with For Today (which, as the vagaries of public taste would have it, was actually one of their lesser singles). There is a decent compilation out of their music from those days, but said compilation has no acknowledgement of their earlier career.

Their first recordings were released by the South Island independent record label Flying Nun Records, which these days is most remembered for releasing seminal recordings from the early 1980s Dunedin and Christchurch underground music scenes, creating a public perception of what has become known as the "Dunedin sound". However, the Netherworld Dancing Toys were a great distance removed from their Velvet Underground- and Joy Division- influenced contemporaries. If The Trusted Ones sounds like any other band, the closest match would be early Dexy's Midnight Runners. (And what is it with bands-with-horns-in having silly names?)

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