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New Zealand Music Month - Day 6

Just about every country with a pop music scene has had a band called "Danse Macabre" (in much the same that searching for a band called "Scorched Earth Policy" brings up numerous unrelated bands, and that just about every town with a pop music scene has a band called "Operation Rolling Thunder". Seriously. Dunedin's got one. Invercargill's got one - and the Invercargill one is actually rather good). But I digress.

New Zealand's "Danse Macabre" eventually split up and one of its leading lights, Nigel Russell, went on to be part of Car Crash Set. While Danse Macabre had a distinct early Cure influence, Car Crash Set sound more influenced by Gary Numan or, more noticeably, early New Order, as today's song shows.

While Danse Macabre have had a reasonably comprehensive CD of their recordings re-released, it is next to impossible to find any of the Car Crash Set's releases these days. And today's song didn't even make it onto their album (although, if I run out of ideas this month, they also had an almost-hit with the single off their album which would fit in quite well with this month's theme).

Tags: music: car crash set, new zealand music month
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