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New Zealand Music Month - Day 17 - Dave's Ramblings — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New Zealand Music Month - Day 17 [May. 17th, 2012|07:20 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |Invercargill]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Schnell Fenster - "Heroes Let You Down"]

Schnell Fenster were a band of musicians who had found themselves at a loose end at the time. Phil Judd, late of the Swingers, and Nigel Griggs and Noel Crombie, late of Split Enz, teamed up with new guitarist Michael den Elzen. While the band are more probably an international band than of any one country in particular, the Split Enz and Swingers connections are enough to qualify them for my purposes, at least.

This is the second single off their second album. While some of their material is available on compilations, and their first album isn't too difficult to find on CD if you look hard enough, their second album did not sell well and is now almost impossible to locate.

(Medical update: Leg is still in a wheel-clamp for another week. Even if things have settled down to the extent when it can be left off next week, it's likely to take six months before the leg is properly back to normal and even then there's a 30% to 70% chance of a relapse depending on what I do in the meantime).

[User Picture]From: aeb
2012-05-17 08:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the medical update. That leg is taking quite a while to get healed. {concerned look}

I hope you don't have a relapse. Those are nasty. {sympathetic look}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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