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New Zealand Music Month - Day 18

Most of the Flying Nun bands that stayed together long enough to record more than half an hour or so of music ended up with CDs out at one point or another. Some of them are still in print, but if the Bird Nest Roys ever actually put out a CD, it arrived and disappeared from the shops too quickly for me to notice it.

The group weren't too bad at originals (as can be heard on the two songs of theirs that are readily available - "Jaffa Boy" and "Alien" (a.k.a. "Love Your Alien")) but their choice of cover songs was truly inspired. Their version of "Bus Stop" wasn't up on You Tube last time I checked, but they also do a decent job of the 1970s disco classic "I Need Your Love".

Tags: music: bird nest roys, new zealand music month

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