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New Zealand Music Month - Day 25

No, this is nothing to do with "The Almighty Johnsons". Nor is it anything to do with "Thor".

Ragnarok are a bit of a difficult band to describe... I've taken to referring them as "Pink Floyd, featuring Bjork", not because it's all that accurate a description as it's a good way of weeding out potential listeners who are looking for Simple Pop Songs. Which Ragnarok didn't do much of. Most of their output was fairly rarefied prog-rock, with a distinct obsession with Northern European mythology. (Yes, that Fenris).

Their music has been out on CD, but as a very limited edition of home-made-looking CDs available by mail order from somewhere up Motueka way. I don't think they're currently in print at all.

Tags: music: ragnarok, new zealand music month

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