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So where did the last three months go?

I put up a silly little thing on my blog about the transit of Venus. Next minute...

Anyway I'm hopefully sort of back ish now. Shorter three months:
* Been spending most evenings and weekends intermittently logging in to work over the Internet to deal with a vast backlog of work and sundry other blind panics.
* Crook leg hasn't fallen off yet.
* Had a few Visitations from Oop Norf.
* Haven't been able to take any time off (have over 40 days' leave owing to me but any leave application gets turned down because there's no coverage for when I'm away).
* Am doing jury service this week so am using that as grounds to take the morning off on the days I'm needed (the boss is prohibited by law from preventing me attending jury service).
* Pack of lies about my job got printed in the paper the other day. It went out as a quote from the boss but given that (1) the boss is not in the habit of being dishonest and (2) these days journalism is a minimum wage job that people do while they hunt for jobs in the PR industry, it's a safe bet that the paper just took something out of context and made a whole lot of shit up about it.
* Said local paper isn't local any more. Still calls itself the "Southland Times" but is printed at the Otago Daily Times plant in Dunedin and freighted down overnight. Am now referring to said paper as the Southland Otago Daily Times, or "Soddity" for short.

Anything interesting been happening in the rest of the world?
Tags: arse end of the world, generic grumbling, i count dead people

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