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Doctor Who night

Tonight's episode wasn't quite a clunker, but it shares with a couple of other episodes I can think of the problem that its actual plot isn't quite long enough to pad out the episode's allocated time, and the writer has thrown in a lot of vaguely cool sounding stuff to fill in the gaps.

* * *

The Doctor's doing all right with the fast-talking, but it's going to need just a bit more than that to explain to Rory's Dad what's going on...

Is it just me, or is the Doctor even more out-of-control than normal?

"What sort of man doesn't carry a trowel?"

And that whole pterodactyl sequence was just a little bit pointless.

This must be the first time I've ever seen someone being licked in the face by a triceratops.

"Please don't start flirting. I won't have flirting companions."

"You're very observant." "I'm a Sagittarius. ... Probably."

"How do you start a triceratops?"

"Now they've got away." "We definitely used to be faster."

"Brian Pond, you're a genius!" "... I'm not a Pond." "Yes you are!"

"You'll be there to the end of me." "Or the end of me." ... Oooh, foreshadowing.

"You know what I want more than anything?" "Lessons in gender politics?"

"It's better than golf!"

* * *

The main problems with this episode are Nefertiti and Riddell. They're mildly entertaining (and Nefertiti is definitely decorative), but they don't really do anything to advance the plot that Rory, Amy or Rory's Dad couldn't have done. Between the regular cast having expanded to six, plus the Obligatory Bad Guy, plus the comic relief rustbuckets, there were enough characters rubbing shoulders on the titular spaceship that it was just getting too crowded.
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