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And the show is back, finally

And all the formatting and markup for LJ seems to have changed, so this entry could be a real mess before the first few edits get done.

"I don't know where I am" isn't quite as snappy a catch-phrase as "Are you my mummy?"

Interesting update to this whole the-internets-are-going-to-steal-your-brains concept though.

Classy version of Google Maps they've got on their laptops. Not quite as classy as the April 1st Pirate Map version though.

Scariest six words EVER heard on Doctor Who: "Hello, I can't find the Internet." This should bring out the screaming horrors in anyone who's ever had to work in I.T.

"Do you remember me?" "No. Should I?"

"Conscience... Obedience... Paranoia... IQ". That tablet looks just a wee bit familiar... did she borrow it off Psycho-Man?

"When you say 'mobile phone', why do you point at that blue box?" "It's a surprisingly accurate description."

He would have to sign his message "The Doctor", wouldn't he? That way the bad guys know who he is. What could possibly go wrong?

"The people are switching on the lights... the wi-fi is switching on the people."

"I can't fly a plane. Can you?" "No." "Let's fly it together."

"It's a time machine. You never have to wait for breakfast."

"I can't tell the future. I just work there."

"No-one loves cattle more than Burger King."

"I rode this in the anti-grav Olympics. 2074. ... I came last." "Didn't you hear? The building is in lockdown." "Didn't you hear? Anti-grav."

"This building is under U.N.I.T. control." "U.N.I.T.? Never heard of you."

The Boss has obviously been possessed for a while. She missed her opportunity to say "are you my mummy?", though.

"It is not a snog-box!" "I'll be the judge of that."
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