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Doctor Who night

It's definitely 1981... even if the cover date on the comic he's reading hadn't given the secret away, The Specials' "Ghost Town" playing in the background would have done the trick.

Looks like the Doctor's doing a bit of snooping. I wonder if the snoopees will realise that some suspicious looking character is watching them.

That marketplace is making me think of Mos Eisley.

We actually get to see somewhere really alienly alien. That's a rare treat in New Who.

"I came here a long time ago. With my granddaughter." "... What?"

So it's the Doctor who's wandered off and got lost. That's a change.

What... are these aliens? They look like a couple of Cardassians.

... So how come Clara can't understand the alien who growls like a dog? She can understand Creepy Little Not-Quite-A-Cardassian Kid all right.

"Can you pretend I'm, like, a space alien, and explain?"

So Little Kid is the "Queen of Years". The explanation of all this is making me think of Lamas and suchlike. ... There is definitely something very Tibetan about all of this.

She starts singing, and a whole bunch of invisible strings start up. That's impressive.

... Any god that they have to make sure stays asleep, I don't really think would be all that good at the godding business.

"Okay, what's happening? Is that supposed to happen?" ... Welcome to travelling with the Doctor.

"Do not wake from slumber. Do not wake from slumber..." I'm now thinking of the Black Mother from "Digger".

I get the feeling that they're foreshadowing that something unfortunate is going to happen to the Sonic Screwdriver.

... I think the Doctor owes Lewis Carroll some royalties for that speech.

"Everyone will be fine." "You promise?" "Cross my hearts."

"Stay back! I'm armed! ... with a screwdriver."

"I think I may have made a bit of a boo-boo."

"You're going to fight it?" "Regretfully... yes."

So the Doctor did end up getting caught for snooping into Clara's past.

There's an interesting dynamic here between the Doctor, now definitely acting older and more jaded, and the still very inexperienced Clara. I hope to see Clara maturing and developing a bit in the next few weeks.
Tags: tv: doctor who

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