Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

It's 1983, and an old bloke is singing "Vienna". As this is a Russian sub beneath the Arctic, shouldn't he really be singing "Reckless"? Or would that be too Australian for the production team?

It's an Ice Warrior! Newly defrosted, even.

Poor Doctor. It isn't really Las Vegas. That's not on TV for another hour.

"Search them. Yes, I know that's a woman. Search them."

"I would like a receipt, please!"

Electrical current weapons in a submarine with water splashing all around the floors. What could possibly go wrong?

"Oh look, you've got me telling you all about them and I said there wasn't time!"

"Am I speaking Russian? How am I speaking Russian?"

"A little green man from Mars?" "Correction: A big green man from Mars."

"A soldier knows another soldier. He'd smell it on you a mile off." "And he wouldn't smell it on you?"

"History is in flux. It can be changed." ... That's another reminder that some things have changed dramatically since the classic series.

"You speak excellent Russian, my dear, but sometimes I don't understand a word you're saying."

It's interesting that it takes us quite a long time to get more than a fingernail shot of how an Ice Warrior looks outside his armour.

And now for an ad break. "Experience the taste of Mars!" All right, whose bright idea was it to schedule an ad for Mars Bars in the middle of an Ice Warrior episode? At least we aren't getting the cigarette ads we were getting in the Doctor Who ad breaks late last year.

"Which of us shall blink first?" ... Your eyes look a bit as if they've got some sort of inner eyelids. That's cheating.

"My people live, and they have come for me!"

... Saved by singing something by Duran Duran. That's a new one...

All and all this was a good reintroduction of the Ice Warriors, and with any luck the saucer at the end (complete with, it seems likely, a good saucerful of Ice Warriors) means this won't be the last we've seen of them. The Ice Warriors' armour redesign is subtle and more a tidying-up than a radical facelift; what is radical is that we finally get confirmation that the Ice Warriors are separate to their armour, complete with an explanation why we haven't seen one out of his (or her - interestingly enough we don't seem to have ever got confirmation of what gender this Ice Warrior was, and said Ice Warrior's daughter was also an Ice Warrior) armour previously.

But I do suspect a lot of long-suffering parents are going to be asked things like "Daddy, was there really a Cold War going on with the Russians back when you were young?"
Tags: tv: doctor who

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