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Doctor Who night, a few days late [May. 19th, 2013|11:20 pm]

I managed to see about three quarters of this week's episode tonight (the rest was talked through by other people) so comments are rather thin on the ground this week.

"Yorkshire, 1893". At last they're telling us up front when and where they're setting the show.

Big tough Victorian Englishman... sees one Silurian and keels over in a dead faint.

"How shall she find the Doctor?" "All she needs to do is ignore all the 'Keep out!' signs..."

Big tough Victorian Englishman... sees one Sontaran. *thud*

... And yet another faint. This one's deliberate, though, and done to create a distraction.

"I think I have seen these symptoms before. A long time ago." "How long?" "Sixty-five million years."

It's taking the Doctor a long time to actually show up in the episode this week.

... And so he does. That's a new way of making an entrance...

"Horse! You have failed in your mission!"

"Time for a plan." "No, this one's on me!"

"There's trouble at t'mill" ... That line has been threatening to be said all night.

That flask of red whatever looks a lot lighter than anything I'd call 'crimson'. If that was stamp printing ink I'd probably be calling it 'vermilion'.

"I'm the Doctor, you're nuts and I'm trying to stop you."

Awwww, it's a little baby chest-burster.

"You hag! You perfidious hag! You virago! You harpy!" ... See there, teenagers? That's how you let loose a stinging stream of insults without slacking off and just reciting all the obscenities you know, no matter how inappropriate.

"Put down your weapon, human female!"

[User Picture]From: aeb
2013-05-20 09:10 am (UTC)
I'm curious... are these in order? Because if they are, I'm puzzled by this:

"I think I have seen these symptoms before. A long time ago." "How long?" "Sixty-five million years."

coming right before these:

It's taking the Doctor a long time to actually show up in the episode this week.

... And so he does. That's a new way of making an entrance...

If the doctor hadn't shown up yet, who'd seen those symptoms 65 million years ago?

In any case, what's this new way of making an entrance? I'm always intrigued by originality. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Edited at 2013-05-20 09:11 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: southerndave
2013-05-20 10:07 am (UTC)
Warning: this involves the "Doctor Who" mythology, which is as chaotic and self-contradictory as it's possible to be after having been added to in small chunks by writers of varying degrees of storytelling ability, scientific knowledge or having any sort of clue as to what had already been written; over a period of almost fifty years.

Yes, they are fairly much in order. The speaker of that line was Vastra, a Silurian. ... She's one of a race of intelligent reptiles (think of most of the cast of Harry Harrison's "West of Eden", if you've read that one) in the "Doctor Who" mythology, from millions of years in the past (definitely not the Silurian Era; the name just sounded good to a scriptwriter who was much more interested in storytelling than in palaeontology). In a manner as yet not satisfactorily explained (but which probably involves being unfrozen), she has ended up in late 19th century England along with some friends; another of whom is Strax, a Sontaran (one of an army of militaristic alien clones who look rather like an army of Mr. Potato Heads wearing motorcycle leathers). It is Strax who said "Horse! You have failed in your mission!".

... They're not quite the Three Stooges (although they do hang around with A Sort Of Vaguely Normal Victorian Era Human).

As for the entrance... it's about 15 or 20 minutes into the episode before they find the Doctor. Something has been done to him which rendered him mute and almost-but-not-quite a gibbering idiot. He'd spent the first reel of the show behind a locked door as "The Monster", of whom nothing was seen but his arms.
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[User Picture]From: aeb
2013-05-20 09:18 pm (UTC)
Okay. I understand about popular series having continuity problems. I was a fan of Oz as a kid, and L. Frank Baum's Oz is as worse at continuity than anything else I've seen. {chuckle, Smile}

Strax and Vastra sound like good comic relief characters. {Chuckle, GRIN}

Ah, yes. That is a memorable and unique entrance for the star of a show. {BIG SMILE}

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. {BIG SMILE, REALLY BIG GRIN}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

(Yes, the anonymous comment like this was me. LiveJournal is suddenly having trouble remembering me. I'm having trouble remembering to sign in, since this isn't usually a problem. {lop-sided smile}

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