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Doctor Who night [May. 23rd, 2013|11:43 pm]

"The stupid box can't even get us to the right place!"

"Who are you? This planet's closed, by Imperial order!"

"I told you it was amazing! ... Well, it used to be..."

It's a Cyberman. All done up with a chessboard like it's trying to be the original Mechanical Turk.

... And, just like the original Mechanical Turk, there's a bloke hiding in it, managing the controls.

"I hate the future! It's stupid!"

"I'm not scared, in case you're wondering... I just think I need to turn the lights back on."

"And you lot... no blowing up this planet!"

As if the Cybermen couldn't be any more Borg-like if they tried...

"Hail to you, Doctor! Saviour of the Cybermen!"

The Doctor was surprisingly eager to put Clara in charge of the soldiers. I'm wondering what he knows that we don't...

"You know, you could be reconstructed from the hole you left."

"The kids are... well, it's complicated." "Complicated... how?" "Complicated, as in... walking coma."

"Immobilise me... quickly."

"The Time Lords invented chess!"

"Three million cyber-frames, working on one tiny chess problem."

"Do you think I'm pretty?" "No, you're too short and bossy and your nose is wrong." "Good enough for me."

"Thanks, Clara. Thanks, Clara's boyfriend."

"A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, squeezed into a skirt."

The biggest mystery though is how Clara managed to keep up the act of knowing what she was doing without the soldiers figuring out that she didn't actually know what was going on... or did she? The Doctor seems to have been getting up to something between scenes, as Clara had to manage largely on her own for much of tonight's episode.

And the end titles... Warwick Davis? That must be about the most well-known actor who's appeared in Doctor Who for a while.

The pacing was quite good tonight (especially compared to the ghost story of a few weeks back). Quite a bit of exposition gets left out here - we never find out just how the teenagers Clara's minding manage to talk themselves into going for a trip in the TARDIS, but that isn't absolutely necessary to understand the story.

As for the past Doctor reference. Now I've had it pointed out to me, the references to the first five Doctors' eras' placed, in order, in each episode are fairly obvious, particularly the first, third and fifth. Logically, there should be a sixth-Doctor reference somewhere in this show. The sixth Doctor's era is probably the one I am least familiar with, but I've noticed a couple of possibilities... I'm fairly sure I saw a cat statue in one scene (the sixth Doctor had this thing about cats) and the Doctor also got partially taken over by the Cybermen (as also happened during the sixth Doctor's era - but that was in a multi-Doctor story and my recollection of it is vague enough that I'm not sure which Doctor was actually affected). There's also a run-through-the-Doctor's-past-lives sequence, which does feature the sixth Doctor (between the fifth and seventh, as one would expect) but if that sequence was a reference to any classic series story, it would be to a Fourth Doctor story (I think it was "The Brain of Morbius"). So, if I had to pick a single reference, it would be the cat.

[User Picture]From: botrytis
2013-05-24 12:32 am (UTC)
I caught Cyber-11 saying "Allons-y." Apparently he also says "Fantastic" in a style similar to 9.
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[User Picture]From: southerndave
2013-05-24 12:35 am (UTC)
Non-Cyber 11 did get to have a 10-style "Oh, you're beautiful" moment while he was inspecting one of the Cyber-mites.
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