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Doctor Who night

Well, the usual plan for getting somewhere that there's actual reliable TV reception fell over tonight at the last minute - quite literally at the last minute, necessitating a not-very high-speed dash from one end of Invercargill to the other to find somewhere with a going TV set - which means that the first ten minutes or so of tonight's episode never got seen. We begin this series of snippets with the Victorian Silurian and her gang.

"Time travel has always been possible in dreams."

"The Doctor does not discuss his secrets with anyone, my dear."

"I'm linking you to the TARDIS telepathic circuit. It won't hurt a bit." "Ow!" "I lied."

"How can we save them?" "Apparently, by breaking in to my own tomb."

"Her grave can't be here!" ... That's roughly what I was thinking, too. It doesn't really look all that much like a library...

"This planet is now the property of the Sontaran empire! Hand over your women and intellectuals!"

I see the Valeyard got referred to. Is this this sixth Doctor reference? If so, they're an episode late.

"Here I am, late to my funeral. Glad you could make it."

"I didn't say my name!" "No. But I did."

"What's that?" "What were you expecting? A body? Bodies are boring."

"A universe without the Doctor?"

"Don't steal that one. Steal this one. The navigation system's knackered, but it's a lot more fun."

I wonder where they got that colour footage of William Hartnell from. ... Or was that the stand-in from "The Five Doctors"? It did look like the real Hartnell though.

"You can't go in there. It's your own timeline, for god's sake!"

"How are you doing that? I'm not really here." "You're always with me."

"Since nobody else in this room can see you... god knows how that looked."

"He's the one who broke the promise."

... Interesting... it seems the reference to the Valeyard wasn't just a random Sixth Doctor reference, but a bit of foreshadowing as well. So we see John Hurt as, apparently, a future Doctor.

It's probably a bit early to do random guessing yet... but something I've just thought of while typing this might actually make sense. This could be leading up to something which is going to definitely squash a glib remark from a 1970s serial that's become fairly strong fan-canon within the show: that the Doctor only gets to regenerate twelve times (making a total of thirteen possible Doctors in all). Back in the past there has already been one future Doctor (the Valeyard), and now the John Hurt Doctor.

I wonder how that's going to play out. As far as cliff-hangers go, this one's already a classic. And coming right at the end of a season... it's quite understandable that Steven Moffat is possibly the most hated-but-in-a-good-way person in television.
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