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Doctor Who night

Barely any commentary today other than quotes. Am wiped out after a very busy week driving to Christchurch for a big funeral.

"No such thing as Robin Hood." *twanggggg*

"I saw a Turk perform something similar at Nottingham Fair."

That forest set looks suspiciously like the forest set from the Elizabethan sequences in last year's special.

"Robin Hood laughs in the face of all of that." "Does anybody ever punch him in the face?"

"I am the Doctor, and this is my spoon!"

"Like I said: my box."

So far, so Monty Python...

"This isn't a real sandal." "Yes it is!" *sniff* "Oh, you're right, it is."

Current mad theory of the Doctor's: they're in a Miniscope.

Somebody please tell Clara to shut up before she embarrasses herself even more.

"When did you start believing in impossible heroes?" "Don't you know?"

"This is getting silly." *fzzzzap*

... They're Transformers ??!!

"Shut it, Hoodie. I saved your life."

"He's laughing again! You cannot keep me locked up with a laughing person!"

"Quiet, you two! Shut up!"

... Of course they think Clara's the ringleader. She's the only adult in that cell.

"All this looting that the Sheriff does, but it's only ever gold. No pearls."

... Gold wouldn't be much use for a circuit board, I wouldn't have thought.

"Well, there is a bright side." "Which is?" "Clara didn't see that."

"You're not real, and you know it!"

"Who will rid me of this turbulent Doctor?"

"Sorry, was that showing off?"

And that scene with the arrow is about as silly as Colon and Nobby on the roof trying to work out a scheme for pinning the arrow on the dragon. Just saying.

"Perhaps we will both be stories."

This all goes to show yet again that a simple idea well done can be really good.
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