Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

Tonight's episode is more playing with concepts, although this time it's less 'high concept' and more 'weird concept'.

Tonight's was a very visual episode so there's not a lot of dialogue snippets this time.

"Everyone seems to know everything apart from me."

"We can't have been asleep for that long, can we?"

Although the episode title references William Blake, all my thoughts of allusions so far are of David Byrne. (Song below might explain a bit).

"I thought you said they were in love. Why are they shouting at each other?"
"That's what people do when they're in love."

"... Tree facebook!"

"This is Coal Hill Year 8 Gifted and Talented Group".
"What are the round bits for?"

Poor old Danny Pink is still trying to get his head around what the Doctor is, while using military concepts as reference. "... Special unit?" ... If only he knew.

"Ruby, you're letting your imagination run away with you."
"I don't have an imagination. Ask Miss Oswald."

And here's William Blake, right on cue. Or a tyger. Whichever.
"There are really good scientific reasons for being very frightened right now."

"Don't make me say it."
"Say what?"
"Don't make me be the last of my kind."

"I don't want to see more things. I want to see the things in front of me more clearly."
And Clara still doesn't really seem to be getting the hint...

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