Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Another year

This time I'm actually managing to get in before December (by about three and a bit hours) for the usual end of year holiday card send-off.

I'm going to link here from my facebook so probably should explain what this is and why I'm doing it. I'm not a particularly creative or sociable person, so my way of giving something back to friends on-line (and some off-line that haven't found the internet yet) is posting cheap, cheerful, rather kitsch and very New Zealand holiday cards off at the end of the year.

I got a few returned-to-senders-gone-no-address replies last year, so if you expected a card last year but didn't get that one probably means that I don't have your current postal address. Or had it and lost it. Or something else happened. In any case, if you would like a card, let me know here (all comments are screened, as usual, and you're welcome to leave a test message to make sure I haven't mucked up the journal entry coding).

If I haven't sent you a card before at all (especially if you're just seeing this on friends-of-friends or idle browsing) you're still welcome to take part. Just leave your postal address and enough of a name that the card gets to the right person, and the card will arrive in your country some time between mid December, and Chinese New Year (apparently the overseas mails close in the next few days, and I'm not very good at getting cards written up in a hurry).

It's a card offer not a card exchange, so there's no requirement to reciprocate. If you want to post me a card, then by all means go ahead. If you don't know my postal address, send me a message through messaging (here, or at Facebook, or at myfirstname @ themylastnames.com).

Content, in case anyone's wary: this year's cards and stamps are more cultural than religious. The religious themes are there, but not obviously in-your-face about it.

(Credit, as always, to drealkulit for the Santa Dalek icon).
Tags: holiday cards

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