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Doctor Who night

"I'm not actually the police, despite what it says on the box."

... And that is one way the sonic sunglasses aren't quite as practical as the old sonic screwdriver was.

... That is weird. What is Xoanon doing these days?

I'm not quite sure what Clara's playing at here. Sure she's taken the initiative... but the Doctor also seems to not have a clue what's going on. Not a good sign.

That spaceship is all very Mad Scientist.

"The universe is full of testosterone. Trust me. It's unbearable". ... Unfortunately he doesn't fall for the old Galactus trick.

"Clara. ... ... I'm not a hugger."

"Just pick a direction. Fly like a bird. Run like a nose."

"I applaud your courage but I. deplore. your. stupidity."

"He's just warming up. He doesn't have a plan yet."

"Start winning, Doctor. It's what you're good at."

"Did no-one in this two-horn town think to tell me you had... eels?"

"Show them a story they'll never forget."

"All I needed was the Benny Hill theme."

"I'm so sick of losing." "You didn't lose. You saved the town." ... "I'm sick of losing people."

"There was nothing you could do." "I can do anything! ... But I'm not supposed to."

"OK, it's official. Silence is even worse than that Scottish accent."

* * *

And no doubt the pedants will be out in force this week telling everyone that no, the Vikings didn't wear helmets like that...
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