Daveosaurus (southerndave) wrote,

Doctor Who night

It's like the 1970s never went away.

It looks like one of the Osgoods has been looting the U.N.I.T. laundry for old scarves...

That title looks like one of the more obvious episode titles I've seen in the revamped series. Not quite "Zygons on a Planet" obvious, but getting there.

"Are you phoning my from your backside again, or is this really a distress signal?"

... Yes, that shirt is straight out of U.N.I.T.'s unclaimed laundry stock...

"Did you just call yourself Doctor Disco?"

...Trivial Pursuit to the rescue.

"This is your country. Protect it from the scaly monsters. And the Zygons."

Of a missing biological weapon: "It was taken." "Who took it?" "Somebody with a TARDIS."

Now we've got a main plot that's a metaphor for current events, instead of just dumping some current events into the script; and Clara and someone from U.N.I.T. have just landed in an underground corridor. All they need to do is to start running through the corridor and it will be like the 1970s never went away.

This mysterious Somewhereorotheristan just happens to look a lot like somewhere in Wales...

"No Dogs, No British" ... Makes a change from "No Dogs, No Irish" I suppose.

"Where's your backup?" "First tell me why I need it."

Somewhereorotheristan also has a very welsh-village-church-looking village church in it. Complete with graveyard.

"You're middle-aged. That's what it is. No offence. Everyone middle-aged thinks the world's coming to an end."

"Can you change your voicemail message? It's very boring."

"Nice question marks." "Why don't you wear them any more?" "But I am. I'm wearing question mark underpants."

And all this talk about Osgood being a hybrid... This is the second - possibly the third? - scripts of this year's shows have contained mention of a human/alien hybrid as a concept. Is this going to be another season-long over-arching theme?
Tags: tv: doctor who

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