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Doctor Who night [Nov. 15th, 2015|08:48 pm]

So, this is the first stand-alone episode of the season. I was beginning to think that the retro themes I've noticed in the current season were going to include the episode lengths (the two one-hour episodes being roughly about the same amount of time as the four half-hour episodes that made up many of the 1970s and 1980s serials).

So let's see how bad my handwriting was tonight...

"You must not watch this!" Interesting way of getting the viewer hooked.

"So what happened?" "From the beginning of time? That's a very long story." "Doctor!"

"You can consider yourself-" "... Part of the furniture?" "... under my command." All right, who's been letting the Doctor listen to show tunes?

"Even I sleep." "When?" "When you're not looking."

Interesting concept: creatures having evolved from the cast-off human skin cells in dust.

...Oh, great, now we've got a HAL 9000 who wants people to sing Emmylou Harris to it before it does anything.

"What did you just say?" "... What?" "One point eight three minutes ago."

I'm wondering if some of what we're seeing isn't so much the actual action as it is someone dreaming something...

... well not quite. Quite a bit of 'unreliable narrator' though.

[User Picture]From: aeb
2015-11-15 09:23 pm (UTC)
{Chuckle} I wonder how a TV show can show an unreliable narrator. I suspect I'd just have to see it for myself, tho. {Smile, wink}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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[User Picture]From: southerndave
2015-11-29 08:25 am (UTC)
Part of that episode was presented as 'security camera' style footage with another character doing the narration.
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