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Back in the land of the connected

Well it looks like there are signs of life in the Internet at long last so I'm seeing if I can keep connected long enough to post something.

After getting the definitive "never heard of it" message from Whitcoulls I gave in to temptation and arranged for a first season set of "Inuyasha" via Amazon. I was very impressed by the international shipping charge... something like about $6 US for a five disk boxed set... with any luck the total cost will work out at about $150 NZ the lot. Which compares very favourably with the cost of "Doctor Who" on DVD (four episodes of which costs between $40 and $60 NZ depending on how much they think they can gouge the public for). Although my Scottish heritage is saying things like "with that sort of outlay that show had better be as good as it seems to be from second hand hearing about it"...

Have no idea when I will next update. Work breaks up for the year tomorrow, doing Family Things on Saturday and recovering on Sunday is likely to take up a bit of time.

Anyway Merry Christmas to you all in case I don't see you until next week... and here are a couple of fun Christmas things friends have put up on their journals.

From aeb: Why cats and Christmas trees don't mix.

From foenix: Cyclops Got Run Over By His Ex-Wife.
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