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Hitting a brick wall then going sideways [Feb. 6th, 2005|12:03 am]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Pat Benatar - "I Want Out"]

So it's another Saturday night. This evening I was supposed to be writing four or five letters of various degrees of urgency. At least two of which I should have written last year. So what happened? I found myself unable to even think straight, and so watched the fourth of my "Inuyasha" disks instead.

So we finally get to meet Miroku. Very amusing Miroku / Kagome / Inuyasha character interaction. Half demon boy still has all the charm and sensitivity of a brick. And he's still pining over his old girlfriend, fifty years in the grave (and a few weeks as a zombie) by now. Kagome seems to be realising she can't compete with the ghost of a memory, so if she has any sense she'll be looking at either Miroku or her present day potential boyfriend by now. Actually Miroku would make sense... seeing as just about the first thing he did when they first met was pinch her bum, they could be just about made for each other. All he needs is to get a set of Inuyasha ears and they could have hours of fun together.

Would that "Coronation Street" were even half as amusing as this.

Sesshomaru still needs to get over himself in a major way and we get to see who's pulling his strings. Some baboon who, seeing as the mayoralty of Auckland didn't exist back in the fifteenth or sixteenth century, had to settle for playing games with demons and priestesses instead. (Then again comparing a certain immediate past mayor of Auckland a baboon could be considered offensive to other baboons...)

I'm really enjoying the story so far. The animation is good enough... there are a few stylistic touches to the visuals that seem a bit odd, but as I noticed some of them while watching the (also very good but otherwise very different) "Trigun" I suspect they are anime conventions that have to be adhered to for some reason or other. I can't say I'm a great fan of the new end credits though... the old ones had a definite air of farewell and sense of melancholy that quite often fitted the ending of the episodes. And I still haven't seen the girl with the humongous boomerang in the show itself. The new end credits just aren't the same...

Heard the first broadcast of episode 6 of "Enzology" Saturday afternoon. They've got up to an era I actually remember - they've just recorded and are just about to release "Waiata", and have all played a really nasty practical joke on the producer - so there's not as much information in the show that is completely new to me. But it was really interesting to hear how "I Got You" was put together. And also very amusing to hear how Sony Records was rather peeved with the band... Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was number one on the charts just about everywhere that kept records of how many records sold, except for Australia and New Zealand, where "True Colours" and "I Got You" had a mortgage on pole position in the album and single charts, respectively.

Otherwise today is the local national day. And as it falls on a Sunday I don't even get a long weekend out of the deal. Grrrr.

[User Picture]From: meganbmoore
2005-02-06 08:53 pm (UTC)
giant boomerang girl: Sango(aka--Miroku's chick). She's on disc 6...you are officially further than me...cept that I caught most of the episodes on TV, so I've been watching other stuff...when cartoon network starts showing inu yasha eps that I've already seen, I'll get back to my boxed set(please note that this is also a ploy to keep myself from buying the individual discs)

And yeah, I think the original ending credits is my favorite, though I'm rather fond of the one they just started airing on toon network a few eps ago...and there's a Shesshomaru centric one at one point that I remember rather liking...

Speaking of Shesshomaru...he's a rather one note villain at this point, but things happen later that make him really interesting and we get a deeper look into his dislike for Inu Yasha, as well as learn that he has a (surprisingly) well defined sense of honor and, to a lesser degree, loyalty.
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[User Picture]From: southerndave
2005-02-07 07:57 am (UTC)
you are officially further than me...cept that I caught most of the episodes on TV

Would that I were as lucky. I'm probably the only person in Invercargill who's ever seen the show unless someone else has ordered it from Amazon (or got it off the internet...) I'm definitely planning on getting further boxed sets if they're ever released; comparing the price per episode of a boxed set vs. a single disk, the choice is fairly obvious. I'm thinking of saving up and having a bit of a binge when there's more stuff available... more "Inuyasha", replacing my nth-generation downloaded-by-a-friend copy of "Trigun", and picking up other interesting looking stuff ("Wolf's Rain" is a definite starter, for example).

* is looking forward to seeing more of Sesshomaru *

(thinks: and seeing as I'm buying American stuff anyway may as well order "The Key to Time" while I'm at it. Oh to see "The Pirate Planet" again...)
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