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Got the second disk of "Wolf's Rain" watched last night.

Much to my surprise Tsume is becoming the most interesting of the main characters, despite his spending most of the time with an invisible "Kick me, I'm a major fashion victim" sign taped to his back. He's got the whole "I don't really want to be here but these are decent folk and I can put up with them, even the irritating one that spends all his time eating" thing sorted. All he needs to do now is lose the ridiculous `eighties rat's tail hairdo and stop wanting to be Billy Idol when he grows up. And perhaps buy some new clothes.

Tsume also manages to short-circuit the possibility of an annoying Hige / Toboe double act by taking Toboe under his wing at times. Despite his intense cynicism he's shaping up to be the most sensible of the four wolves. Others of the characters are shaping up well, as well. Quent is developing nicely, Cher is continuing to keep her head while all about her are losing theirs and more mysteries are being introduced: Darcia in particular. The mystery of Blue deepens while the mystery of Cheza is in part explained, but in a way that leads to more questions about her.

While nothing written appears on the screen for more than a few seconds, I've been trying to make sense of some of the Cyrillic writing that flashes up now and again. It looks very like it's supposed to actually mean something: particularly on a map of a mountain city, the name of an old family referred to in the dialogue is readable and the name of the city itself ends in -gorod, which I understand is a fairly common ending for city names in Russia etc. Of course not knowing any Russian I don't know how much else of what is written makes any sense!

By now I think I've got a bit of an idea of where the story is going (although being an incredibly non-subtle bloke I'm probably missing out something fairly bloody obvious). It is fairly obvious to me (not that that means all that much though) that the ending of the show is going to be a downer. The whole plot is based around searching for a legendary Paradise. That's not the sort of place that anyone finds in this life, especially in a story as steeped in myth and legend as this one.

Of course that is not necessarily a bad thing in itself (in fact I hate cop-out endings more than downers) and the series is definitely still keeping me interested and wanting to watch more. I'd like to get the next disk watched today (not sure if I'll have time though) but if not then next weekend is a high probability.
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