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So I finally have a couple of hours spare on a weekend and get around to watching the third disk of "Wolf's Rain"...

(this space is left for Megan to recover from the shock of me actually getting around to watching something)

... The story is heating up and things are getting very interesting. This volume focuses on Hubb's mad dash across the countryside, trying to find out where Cher has gone. (Hubb also does a reasonably decent Rodin's "Thinker" impersonation at one point.) While this is going on we find out a bit more about the Nobles and a mystery is slowly built up as to what exactly happened a couple of hundred years ago.

Hubb teams up with Quent, who he finds in a bar, and the two of them end up chasing the rest of the cast. They do a fairly good comedy double act when they're in the mood to. One of the "next episode" trailers was amusing, too... philosophical musings on drinking and driving, ending up with something along the lines of "don't buy a car at all. Spend the money on drink instead". The following "next episode" trailer was a rather wry parody of that one, with one of the wolves wondering why they don't drive instead, and realising none of them have a licence...

One thing I notice is that Blue is starting to come into her own. She's down-to-earth, sensible, can look after herself to a certain extent and her human illusion is actually rather hot... quite the opposite of Cheza, in fact.

And this time things end on a bit of a cliffhanger. Now I am told that the fourth disk is mostly inventory sort of stuff, and while I can't complain about that (with the length of time since I've watched the first two disks, I'm probably due for a bit of a refresher) but that just means it will be... however long... before I find out what happens next. Grrrrr.
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